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Get Hooked on Netflix's Sizzling Regency Drama: Bridgerton!

Bridgerton is a super popular American historical romance series on Netflix, created by Chris Van Dusen. It's Shondaland's first-ever scripted show for the platform and is based on Julia Quinn's books. Picture this: it's the early 1800s in an alternate London Regency era where George III has made racial equality a thing, and tons of people of African descent have fancy aristocratic titles because Queen Charlotte has African roots. The show dives into the ultra-competitive social season, where young nobles and gentry are on a quest to find their perfect match.

Hold on to your corsets, darlings, because Bridgerton is here to spice up your dreary life! This ultra-glam American historical romance series, crafted by Chris Van Dusen, is Netflix’s latest attempt to prove they can still afford a few costumes. Based on Julia Quinn's book series, it's Shondaland's debut script for Netflix, because why not kick off with a bang? Set in some fantasyland version of the early 1800s London where George III dishes out racial equality like he's Oprah giving away cars, and suddenly everyone's a Duke or Duchess! Grab your smelling salts, social climbers, because this parade of desperate debutantes and giddy gents is one hot mess you won't want to miss.

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